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Basketball Fever

Basketball Fever

Basketball Fever

Let’s hit the court in an adrenaline-fueled sports extravaganza with Basketball Fever! Keep you hooked for hours with this electrifying competition.

Catch the excitement of the sporty gameplay and beat it in Basketball Fever, where everything is wacky and dramatic! With fast-paced gameplay and intense combat, this game will make your heart beat faster as you try to accurately shoot the ball into the basket. Different from the intense matches in Basketball Master Online or C3 Basketball League, Basketball Fever is your own battle. Your spirit and skills are the biggest opponents to control in this challenge.

How To Play

A Guide to Play

Enter the virtual world with the vibrant scene of fans in the stands. Be confident in your abilities! You need to adjust the direction and force of the throw so that the ball hits the target basket. The score in each turn will depend on the difficulty of the hoop position. You need to carefully analyze this set point and estimate the distance to adjust the throwing force to be neither too light nor too strong. Your round will end immediately if the ball falls out.


This is a third-person game; you can observe the ball and basket in the center of the screen. Players just need to hold down and move the mouse in a line from the bottom up to make a turn. Note that the longer your hover action, the stronger the throw will be. If you want more lives, you have to watch a short ad, and you can only revive once. The starred toolbar is your performance indicator. Are you confident in conquering these three prestigious stars?

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