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Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk: Combine the addictiveness of Flappy Bird with the excitement of basketball! Challenge your timing and precision for dunking glory.

Combine the addictiveness of Flappy Bird with the excitement of basketball in Flappy Dunk, the ultimate test of timing and precision! You must overcome a series of challenges, guiding your ball to continuously bounce and go through the basket. Each successful throw will correspond to a goal, but a mistake can cause the ball to fall to the ground. Flappy Dunk is a must-play for fans of both classic arcade games and high-flying goals.

How To Play


The ball in this game has a tendency to fall. You need to press the key almost continuously to maintain stability in the flight of this object. The player’s task is to throw the ball into every basket. If you miss a target, the round will end immediately. Your ball can completely touch the edge of the hoop and, unfortunately, fall out. Therefore, if you want to click at the right time, you need to align the drop point accurately. Saved scores only show your record until you yourself break this limit. Have fun!

A Funny Tip

There is an interesting little trick that you can try. Instead of trying to force the ball to land in the middle of the basket, you can have the main entity land on the left edge of the basket. Then, following forward inertia, the ball can safely roll into the basket. Note that the drop point should not lean too much to the left.

Comparable Gameplay

Players can find Flappy Dunk's addictive gameplay in Flappy Superhero Dunk, Tap-Tap Shots, and Hungry Hoops.

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