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Tom and Jerry: Backyard Hoops

Tom and Jerry: Backyard Hoops

Tom and Jerry: Backyard Hoops

Join the classic cat-and-mouse duo in Tom and Jerry: Backyard Hoops! The chase is on... with a basketball. Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Tom and Jerry: Backyard Hoops invites you to participate in the unprecedented "chase" between the two greatest rivals in the animation world. This sports-themed game with familiar and adorable characters will keep you immersed for hours. In particular, this cute shape is also suitable for children. Therefore, this can be considered a game that does not discriminate between participants. You can absolutely enjoy the challenge in your own way, but don't forget to try to create impressive achievements.

Explore the Detailed Game Rules

  • You will play as Tom Cat, trying to annoy Jerry Mouse with precise throws.
  • One turn will give you three balls to make.
  • The challenge will change as you unlock more difficult levels.
  • Tricky obstacles and target movement increase the difficulty.
  • There are no limits to your discoveries and scores.

How to Play

During a play of Tom and Jerry: Backyard Hoops, you may have to make multiple scoring turns to pass the level. To control the character, you use the mouse and move in the desired direction. The alignment of flight direction and throwing force is extremely important in every dunk. Good luck!

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