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Balance skill and precision in Seesawball! Navigate the seesaw to make challenging shots and score points in this engaging basketball game.

Seesawball is a two-player game that will challenge your keyboard-tapping skills. The sports theme with simple graphics and uncomplicated gameplay is still attractive enough to make your free time enjoyable. Invite your teammates to join and test the speed and class of keystrokes. You will definitely feel that each turn is both thrilling and addictive. Don't make even the slightest move that can create the final result for the level.

How To Play


The game provides a seesaw, with each player's goal at both ends. Each turn, the ball will drop in the middle of this platform, and that's when the match starts. You need to use your lightning speed to make the seesaw tilt toward you. That's right, it's about guiding the ball into your net or basket, not your opponent's.

You can choose one of three balls with Seesawball, representing three sports. Each sport will have a unique design with familiar objects. The rules of the game have not changed: the player who reaches 11 points first wins.


  • Player 1 (the left side): Use the A key.
  • Player 2 (the right side): Use the K key.

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