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Incredible Basketball

Incredible Basketball

Incredible Basketball

With Incredible Basketball, you can dribble, shoot, and dunk your way through action-packed matches and become a basketball legend.

Incredible Basketball will test the player's tactical ability and divine situation analysis. Start an incredibly delightful journey with this game and conquer unbelievable levels. You'll need to decipher the intricacies of the round's map to guide the basketball to its destination. Don't ignore any objects, as you need them for precise moves.

Gameplay and Controls

In one level of this game, you can see objects arranged quite intricately. Your task is to take advantage of them to open a path for the ball to jump into the basket. Each object has a different function and way of working.

You can remove the red and yellow cubes, rotate the spinner, adjust the rotation bar, and click on them. Besides, pay attention to automobile objects such as escalators and jumping pads. Occasionally, another ball will appear that creates a supportive impact force on the main entity. In addition, players need to try to adjust the path so that the ball collects stars to improve their performance. You will officially become the number one strategist in Incredible Basketball when you complete all 40 difficult levels.

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