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Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball

With its unique twists and turns, Blumgi Ball offers a fresh take on the classic game of hoops. Get ready for a wild ride in this basketball adventure!

Prepare to embark on a breathtaking basketball adventure like no other at Blumgi Ball! Set in a quirky world filled with colorful characters and strange landscapes, this game offers a fresh take on this classic. Navigate through tricky environments, dodge strange barriers and overcome difficult challenges as you try to score. New levels with more challenges will immediately open when you complete the mission in the previous round.

So what is the mission of Blumgi Ball? During each round, your character will appear on a random platform. You need to follow the arrow symbols to guide the direction of movement to the target basket. Players need to align throwing force and trajectory with the real standard so that the ball can penetrate complex terrain. Your character has the ability to gain momentum and manipulate the ball both in the air and in the water. With each victory, you will win a certain bonus point to unlock new characters.

Control Your Adorable Character

You hold down and move the mouse to align the throwing direction. Then, just release your hands and follow the ball's trajectory. Note other objects that can cause the entity's direction to change, such as trees, sea animals, and bouncy cushions. In particular, if your character can shoot the hoop and hit the basket from the bottom up, the goal will still be recognized.

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