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Basketball School

Basketball School

Basketball School

Enroll in Basketball School! Sharpen your skills, learn pro tricks, and become the best shooter in this fun and sports-themed game.

Basketball School gives you the opportunity to experience “homework” and challenges ranging from basic shooting drills to complex strategies. You will participate in practice sessions, compete against tough opponents, and continuously improve your skills with each level. The game has many levels, from easy to difficult, helping you gradually master basketball skills from basic to advanced. You will have to adjust your throwing force, choose the right angle, and use smart strategies to achieve the highest score.

Explore the Appealing Game Modes

Basketball School has three game modes: Arcade, Time Attack, and Distance. The specific game rules for each mode are as follows:

  • Arcade: Endless practice sessions until you master or simply improve your tuning technique.
  • Time Attack: Participate under tight time pressure, and you need to try to score as many points as possible.
  • Distance: Challenge with diverse ball and basket placement distances. The score of each throw depends on the position of the ball and the distance to the target.

Shooting the Ball

You use the mouse to perform all necessary operations, such as aligning flight coordinates and throwing force. Every failure or success is a valuable lesson to improve your achievements. Have fun!

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