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Basket Shot Master

Basket Shot Master

Basket Shot Master

Play Basket Shot Master to become a sharpshooter and sink buckets from anywhere on the court. Overcome tricky levels and achieve slam-dunk perfection.

Basket Shot Master offers you the opportunity to become a basketball shooting master. You will participate in unique levels where each throw requires careful calculation of force and angle. Each level is meticulously designed with different challenges, from shooting the ball into a basket at a distance to overcoming dynamic and static obstacles. The variety of levels ensures that you will always feel new and excited when exploring the game.

Gameplay and Controls

You will maneuver the adorable little character(s) to jump, move in the air, and perform amazing slam dunks. The limited movement space is also a great aid in controlling the direction of the ball. However, the real challenge lies in the competitive nature of the rounds. You will face opponents who are also constantly trying to score points. Your character needs to win to unlock the next level.

You just need to hold down any point to have the character move to the ball's location. Then, hold down and move the mouse to adjust the direction of the throw, and release to execute.

The bonus coins after each level will help you unlock great upgrades for your character. At the same time, players can use these in-game coins to create other diverse skins for their characters.

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